Paloma Valley Sound Off

Contest Rules


The topic for this year’s competition is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was an American statesman, author, explorer, soldier, naturalist, and reformer who served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901 to 1909.  Theodore Roosevelt believed in working hard, in persevering in the face of defeat, and in pushing to do better and strive harder to accomplish one’s goals. He also believed in developing young people, in challenging them to achieve as much as possible, and in recognizing their accomplishments.


"Courage, hard work, self-mastery, and intelligent effort are all essential to successful life."

—Theodore Roosevelt, from America and the World War, 1915

In that spirit, base your speech on your own understanding and interpretation of the topic. Examine its impact on society today and your own principles.  Explore! Discover! Create! There are many references available on the internet and in your libraries that will help you to develop your speech. The speech must be the result of your own efforts.  Plagiarized speeches and those not appropriately related to the subject matter will be disqualified by the judges.  Take note of the following requirements.

1.       No visual aids may be used.


2.       No microphone will be used, but a podium will be provided.


3.       Contestants may use inconspicuous notes.  However, excessive use of, or reading directly from the notes, will be counted against the contestant.


4.       The contestants will introduce themselves by name and unit/school.


5.       Speeches will be 3 to 5 minutes in length.  At the 3-minute mark, the timekeeper will raise a green card.  At the 4- minute mark, the timekeeper will raise a yellow card.  At the 5-minute mark the timekeeper will raise a red card.  If a speech concludes before the 3-minute mark, or exceeds the 5-minute mark, each judge will deduct one point for every minute that is not within the prescribed time.


6.       Contestants may cite their reference materials at the end of the speech.  This time will not be counted in the allotted time.


7.       Judges may ask questions of the contestant.  The contestant will repeat the question and answer it.  Question time will not be counted in the allotted time.


8.       Contestant order will be determined by random drawing during commanders’ call.


9.       Ties will be broken by first, the judges’ accumulated delivery score; second, by the judges’ accumulated organization score; and third, by the judges’ accumulated content score.


10.   Speeches may be videotaped for educational purposes, but may not be released for public consumption, ie., press media, You Tube, etc..

VFW Sound of Democracy Contest

See attached entry for for rules and entry for details

Entry deadline: 31 October 2017

VFW Public Speaking Contest

Make Your Bed Assignment

Assignment is due on Tuesday 30 May at the beginning of class.

The video is "Make your Bed" commencement speech by Admiral McRaven and it contains 10 Life lessons (below is the link to the video)

After watching the video and writing down your goals for the next school year (2017-2018) write a one page essay on how you can use the life lessons ADM McRaven suggests to help you achieve your goals.