When writing a resume or cover letter, it is very important to use words to “sell” who you are and what you can do. The list below may help you in finding specific words that will accurately describe your strengths and abilities. Keep in mind that this is just a small sample of the words you can choose to showcase yourself!

Words that describe you:

Accepting Dependable Imaginative Productive
Accurate  Energetic  Independent Reliable
Adventurous Expressive Kind Respected
Agile  Friendly Leader Respectful
Ambitious Flexible Loyal Responsible
Artistic Full of ideas Motivated Self-Motivated
Bold Funny Musical Self-Starter
Busy Gentle  Neat Serious
Careful Goal-Oriented Organized Tactful
Certain Go-Getter Patient Thoughtful
Charming  Good Listener Perfectionist Trustworthy
Competitive  Happy Persistent Understanding
Cooperative Hard Working Persuasive Unselfish
Creative Helpful Planner Willing to learn

Words that describe what you can do:

Achieve Express Organize Research
Assess File Plan Retrieve
Assist Gather Perform Schedule
Communicate Handle Prepare Setup
Compile Implement Process SolveProblems
Compose Improvise Produce Summarize
Compute Initiate Proof-read Train
Conduct Instruct Provide Transcribe
Coordinate Investigate Question Translate
Dispense Learn Realize Trouble-shoot
Detail Maintain Reason Upgrade
Explain Negotiate Relate Utilize
Express Obtain Repair Write

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