It is considered a professional courtesy to send a brief thank-you letter after an Interview. Don’t wait more than one day before sending it.

Put some time and effort into your letter. Personalize it.

Include your address and phone numbers where you may be reached during the day and in the evening. Be sure you have the correct spellings of names and titles of the interviewer(s) and proofread the letter. Ask a couple of friends to proof it too-it must be perfect.

It is also appropriate to send a thank- you letter in response to a rejection.


 267 Goldhawk Road                    Telephone:  Office (888) 555-5176
 Valley Center, CA 90101              Home    (888) 555-3131
 June 21, 2008
 Ms. Barbara James
 Director, Human Resources
 Hitex Limited
 P.O. Box 5511
 Kings Town, CA 99009
 Dear Ms. James:
 Thank you for the excellent facility visit on March 20. I appreciate the time you spent
 With me. I was particularly impressed with the Brand Management Division and the
 New project team approach that is being established.
 The visit did nothing less than increase my interest in becoming a contributor at Hitex
 And I look forward to hearing from you.  Please pass my thanks to Mr. Grimes, Ms.
 Hernandez and Ms. Henderson.  Their input regarding a career with Hitex was
 Extremely helpful.  Thanks again.
 Kevin Waddington                                                                                                                                                                                      


                                 Barbara Gustafesen
                                 1947 Grace Avenue
                                 San Bernandino, CA  92404
                                 Phone :   Office   (888) 555-1234
                                 Phone:     Home  (888) 555-4321
 May 12, 2008 
 Mr. Stephen Fitzroy
 Personnel Manager
 Hitex Limited
 P.O. Box 5511
 Kings Town,  CA  99009
 Dear Mr. Fitzroy:
 Thank you for the opportunity to interview in you research and Development Office.
 I appreciate your time and consideration.
 While disappointed in not being selected for your current vacancy, I want you to know
 How much I appreciated the courtesy and professionalism shown to me during the
 Interview process. I enjoyed meeting you, Ms. Henderson and other members of your
 I take this Opportunity to reiterate my interest in working for your organization.  Please
 Keep me in mind if another position in my field becomes available in the near future.
 Again, thank you and best wishes to you and your staff.
 Barbara Gustafsen

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