A.Academic Achievers who:

1) Possess a broad body of knowledge encompassing the humanities, arts, mathematics, and sciences

2) Are competent in the basic skills of reading, writing, and calculating

3) Are ready to successfully enter into diverse careers and/or further academic studies/vocational training

4) Use technology to collect, analyze, organize, and evaluate information from a variety of sources

B. Effective Communicators who:

1) Organize ideas and communicate thoughts and information orally, in writing, and through the use of charts, graphs, and visual aides

2) Analyze processes and explain how they work

3) Listen actively, speak intelligently, and write coherently

4) Use technology as a productive tool

C. Critical Thinkers who:

1) Solve and analyze problems, identify information, and evaluate possible solutions both cooperatively and individually

2) Contemplate relevant issues and formulate justified opinions and solutions

D. Self-Disciplined Citizens who:

1) Show respect for the uniqueness of individuals, their property, and the environment

2) Establish and achieve realistic personal, educational, and professional goals

3) Develop and positive sense of self-worth as reflected in accomplishments, and concern for personal needs

4) Contribute to the community in a positive way

5) Understand democratic processes and value their participation in them.

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