_____ 1. Confirm the date, time and location of the interview.

_____ 2. Research the company, job position. Know some details of the company its growth, products, reputation and the job duties.

_____ 3. Arrange for your transportation to and from the interview. Do you know where the company is located and how to get there? A practice run may be helpful.

_____ 4. Plan to go out to the interview leaving 15-30 minutes earlier to allow for any unforeseeable problems that may delay you make you late for your interviewer (traffic, parking). Double-check yourself in the mirror.

_____ 5. Bring a pen, a pencil, and money for parking.

_____ 6. Go alone to the interview.

_____ 7. Plan enough time for the interview (at least one hour).

_____ 8. Bring to the interview any materials or information that may be required, such as a copy of your employment application, resume, career profile, portfolio, samples of your work, military records, social security card, copies of diplomas and special training certificates, driver’s license or other special licenses or certificates, reference list and any other papers or materials that will help you obtain employment.

_____ 9. Have you rehearsed your interview questions and your presentation.

_____ 10. Be polite in the outer office/ waiting area.


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