1. Poor personal hygiene / appearance.
  2. Nervous, ill at ease, not confident.
  3. Fails to look the interviewer in the eye.
  4. Limp, fishy handshake.
  5. Sloppy application.
  6. Inability to express self clearly.
  7. Answers yes and no to all questions – does not volunteer information.
  8. Indefinite response to specific questions.
  9. Hostile, overbearing, aggressive, conceited.
  10. Lack of interest or enthusiasm or desperate attitude.
  11. Overall emphasis in money only.
  12. Condemnation of past employers – no tact.
  13. Low moral standards / not prepared to discuss past criminal convictions.
  14. Breath smell of alcohol. Appeared to be under the influence of alcohol/drug.
  15. Inability to take criticism.
  16. Late for the interview.
  17. Did not research the company.
  18. Not familiar with responsibilities of the position applying for.
  19. Can’t communicate how past work experience relates to the position for which they are interviewing for (transferable skills).

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