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Senior Info - 2017 Graduation Information

Dear Class of 2017,

As you get closer to graduation on June 8, I wanted to remind you of a few things and also give you a schedule of important dates between now and graduation.

As Wildcats, we expect you to conduct yourselves with dignity and character. It is your responsibility to follow all school rules and policies, as well as rules and policies when attending school related activities off campus (prom, Grad Nite, etc.). Any senior who does not conduct themselves appropriately will be at risk for participating in the Graduation Ceremony and other graduation activities.

Upcoming Schedule

Tuesday, May 30 - Senior Awards Night

  • 7pm, PVHS Gym
  • Formal invitation coming via mail to students to are being honored

Thursday, June 1 - Last day for Credit Recovery

  • Last day to complete and turn in work for all credit recovery classes (A+ and Plato). Seniors who fail to meet this deadline, will not graduate or participate in graduation activities (refund not given for Grad Nite, if a senior is not graduating).

Thursday, June 1 to Friday, June 2

  • Senior Finals - teachers will be issuing senior finals this week. Monday, June 5 - Senior Check Out
  • Seniors are to be in the gym by 8:00 am for senior check out
  • Seniors must have completed the following by this date. Seniors who fail to complete these must complete them on checkout day.
    • Paid all school fines with the school and ASB bookkeepers (this includes chromebooks fees from all four years that have not been paid)
    • Returned all school items, such as: textbook, chromebooks, athletic uniforms, band equipment, etc.
    • Completed all lunch detentions - please see Ms. Carolyn or Ms. Nina in the Behavior Support office
  • Seniors attending Grad Nite will receive their mandatory t-shirts
  • Once seniors have completed the checkout process, they are required to leave campus. Seniors may not go to classrooms or other areas on campus once they are finished.
  • Seniors who fail to complete the checkout process will not be permitted to participate in future grad week activities, including graduation.

Tuesday, June 6 - Graduation Practice & Senior Breakfast

  • Breakfast in the Gym from 7:30am to 8:00am
  • Practice begins at 8:00am
  • After practice, seniors will complete the following:
  • Receive cap and gowns from Herff Jones
  • If you have not purchased yours please bring $65 (CASH ONLY)​ and you can buy it then.
    • Receive their allotted graduation tickets and parking permit
    • Each graduate gets 6 tickets
    • If you attended Grad Fair (November 9, 2016) you get one additional ticket
    • If you completed the FAFSA you get one more additional ticket (Check with your counselor to verify your FAFSA cleared.)
    • If you applied to a college or military you can get one additional ticket (limit is one ticket even if you applied to multiple colleges) based on email sent to laura.flores@puhsd.org by May 31st
  • Extra tickets​ - After all seniors have received their allotted tickets and cap and gown, seniors can get in line to get extra tickets. Tickets will be handed out ONE at a time. Seniors can get back in line as many times as desired until tickets run out. Seniors who cut in line will be denied any additional tickets.
  • Seniors must leave campus for the remainder of the day once they have recieved their items.
  • Seniors who do not attend practice will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony​.

Wednesday, June 7 to Thursday, June 8 - Grad Nite

  • Seniors attending Grad Nite, need to report to the Gym by 8:00am on June 7.
  • Seniors need to park or be dropped off in the GYM parking lot - there will be no access to the student parking lot on June 8 until 6:30am.
  • Seniors must be wearing their grad nite t-shirts
  • Grad Nite Reminders
  • Seniors may bring one sealed beverage and one sealed food item into the gym. No food or beverages will be allowed into the park.
  • No selfie stick
  • Seniors will leave Disneyland at 2:30am and return to PVHS around 3:30am/4:00am on June 8. Thursday, June 8 Graduation-​Ceremony begins at 6pm
  • All seniors are to report to the PVHS gym by 4:00pm
  • All graduates will be searched upon entry.
  • Seniors are to bring ONLY their cap and gown Graduates are not to bring…
    • Cell Phones, iPods, cameras, any electronic devices, bags, purses, etc.
    • Balloons, flower leis, any unapproved cords, stoles, or pins on their gown.
    • The above items will be confiscated and can be picked up by graduates after the ceremony. Please leave these items with family or in your vehicle

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