Paloma Valley High School

Work Experience Education Program

Entrance/Exit Criteria

Entrance Criteria:

  1. Counselor pre-register students during Spring semester for fall classes.
  2. WEE Coordinator conducts open enrollment throughout year.
  3. Students must be Juniors or Seniors and at least sixteen (16) years of age.
  4. Students must have a 2.0 (GPA)
  5. Students must have a legal job open for public access at a stationary location with business hours posted.
  6. Student’s employers must provide Workers Compensation Insurance.
  7. Students must not have a negative Behavior record.
  8. Students must have a good attendance record (80%).
  9. Students must attend weekly- related class instruction, complete homework assignments, class projects, submit weekly time sheets and submit paycheck stubs at the beginning of each month.
  10. Students enrolled in the class during first semester, are required to stay in the class the entire year unless their schedule indicates a semester only or extenuating circumstances.

Exit Criteria:

  1. Counselor notifies WEE Coordinator when a student expresses a desire to drop the class.
  2. WEE Coordinator contacts parent and meets with student for the exit interview.
  3. WEE Coordinator notifies counselor after the exit interview to give student’s status: To drop or not to drop.
  4. If the decision is made to drop the student from the class, the following must take place:
  5. Must cancel WEE permit and issue a Regular work permit.
  6. Must contact the employer via letter or visit to inform and explain the changes.

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