A resume is a one or two page typewritten document that tells the employer about you. The resume is important because it may help you get a job interview and a job. Most employers will not ask you for a resume, but will expect you to attach one to the job application. A resume shows the employer that you plan in advance, are organized, and want a job. A resume will also help you during a job interview because it summarizes information about your education and work history. During the interview, you will be able to answer question calmly and accurately because you have your thoughts and facts organized on a resume. The five parts of a resume are:

Job Objective The job objective section tells the employer what type of job you want. Examples of job objectives include: Entry-level job as an Office Receptionist; Entry-level job as a Drafting Assistant; Seeking a job as a Sales Clerk; Seeking a job as a Word Processor Trainee; and Seeking a job as a Bank Teller. The rest of your resume should have information that supports your job objective. For example, if you want a job in drafting, make sure that you have included your drafting education and experience on your resume. This would include listing all classes taken, contests entered, certificates, awards received, and any paid or volunteer drafting work.

Education This section of the resume lists all the schools you have attended starting with the school most recently attended. Include and high school skill-building classes, such as metal shop, auto shop, computers, or art. List all Regional Occupational Program (ROP) classes, community college classes, workshops and any special training you have received during the school year or summer. Be sure that the names of schools, addresses, zip codes and dates are accurate.

Work Experience For this section, include all paid jobs and volunteer work. Start with your most recent job or volunteer position. Again, be sure that the names of the companies, addresses, zip codes and dates are accurate. Include the first and last name of the supervisor or person you reported to. In addition, give a brief description of the type of work you did at each paid job and volunteer position.

Skill, Activities, and Awards Use this section to list any skills you learned in school. This would include typing speed or a specific type of equipment or job that you have had experience on, such as computers, automobile engines, or welding. List all extra-curricular activities you have participated in, such as school or city sports, after school clubs, etc. list any certificates or awards you have received, such as good attendance certificates or sports letters.

References References are people the employer can call to ask if you are a good worker. References must be people over 21 years of age and unrelated to you. They should not be former employers. It is the best if they have a full-time job. People you could use as references include your teachers, counselor, adult friends of the family, adults you know from blubs or sports, or adults in your church. Before using and adult as a reference on a resume, make sure you ask their permission. That way, when your potential employer calls, they will not be surprised

Creating a Resume To create a resume, collect information about your education, work experience, skills/awards/activities, and references. Using a pencil and paper, handprint or write a skills/awards/activities, and references. Check that all the names, addresses and dates are accurate. Proofread the rough draft for any misspelled words or punctuation errors. Ask a teacher, counselor, or other adult to review your rough draft. After the rough draft has been proofread and reviewed, type your resume on 8 ½” X 11” good quality white typing paper. The appearance of the typed resume should be well-balanced, top to bottom and left to right. Be sure that all typing errors are corrected. (Tip: If you cannot type, ask a teacher in the business department of your school if there is someone in the typing class or office lab class who can type your resume for you.)

After your resume is typed, use a photocopy machine to make copies. Use quality paper that is either white, cream, or light gray in color. Make sure that the photocopy machine is in good running order so that the copies of your resume are not faded, streaked, or spotted. Run off a few extra copies of your resume so that you can mark up a copy when you need to make additions or revisions. Your resume should be updated every semester or every times you look for a new job.

Resume Rough Draft (Personal Information)

Job Objective:



Vocational Training:

Work Experience:

Volunteer Experience:

Extra-Curricular Activities:



Sample Resume

Sarah Johnson

3954 Grove Place

Careertown, CA 92333


Job Objective:

Seeking jobs as a Travel Agent Trainee


9-90 to present Redwood High School, 224 East Tree Lane, Careertown, CA 92333. General Education Classes, Business Department classes in typing, computers, 10-key adding machine, and accounting. One year World Geography. One year psychology.

9-91 to 192 Regional Occupational Program class in Travel Agent

Work Experience

5-92 to present Salesclerk at Clothes R Us, 475 West Mall Lane, Careertown, CA 92333. Marked, stocked, and sold men’s and woman’s clothing. Trained to arrange window displays. Supervisor: Janet Martin

11-91 to 1-92 ROP trainee at All Ways Travel, 555 Busy Street, Careertown, CA 92333. Assisted travel agents with computer input, contacted customers by phone, and completed customers’ itineraries.

6-91 to 9-91 Babysitter for Mrs. George Brown, 5990 Fern Way, Careertown, CA 92333. Watched two children four and six

Skills, Activities, and Awards

Good Attendance Award for the 1991-92 school years. Redwood High School. Typing speed certificate for 45 words per minute on IBM electric typewriter. Accounting Certificate for successful completion of Accounting I. Completed word processing and spread sheet training on Macintosh Computer. Regional Occupation Program Travel Agent Certificate. Member of the Redwood High School Future Business Leaders of America. Awarded green belt by Redwood Karate Studio.


Ms. Joyce Bailey, ROP Teacher, Redwood High School, 244 East Tree Lane, Careertown, CA. 92331. Mr. Robert Burns, Business Computer Teacher, Redwood High School, 244 East Tree Lane, Careertown, CA, 92331. Mrs. Janet Young, Bank Teller, 600 North Mountain Avenue, Careertown, CA 92333.

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