1. Enthusiastic
  2. Friendly Manner; good sense of humor
  3. Energetic; have high energy; am a “go- getter”, dynamic.
  4. Hardworking; conscientious; willing to work overtime
  5. Cooperative; willing to pitch in to get the job done.
  6. Able to write neatly and legibly
  7. Interpersonal skills; teamwork; lead the pack
  8. Scheduling skills
  9. Able to organize people (paperwork, events); organizational skills.
  10. Coordinating Skills.
  11. Liaison Skills.
  12. Able to work well under pressure; able to meet deadlines.
  13. Able to cope with a heavy workload.
  14. Having problem solving skills; is a creative problem solver.
  15. Willing to learn; fast learner; able to adapt very quickly
  16. High personal standards.
  17. Able to set and achieve high personal goals; ambitious; achiever.
  18. Creative; innovative; resourceful.
  19. Leadership skills
  20. Well-groomed; professional appearance.
  21. Positive and professional image.


  1. Detail Oriented; attention to detail; eye for detail
  2. Aptitude for figures.
  3. Mathematical aptitude.
  4. Clerical skills and experience; clerical aptitude.
  5. Able to use a wide range of business machines.
  6. Research and data collection skills; able to interpret data
  7. Analytical skills.
  8. Follow-up skills; follow through skills.
  9. Able to handle a heavy workload and meet deadlines
  10. Able to work well under both time and accuracy pressures
  11. Able to complete projects on time and within budget.
  12. Able to exercise sound independent judgment; able to make decisions
  13. Able to identify potential problem areas
  14. Strong troubleshooting skills
  15. Able to find low-cost solutions to problems.
  16. Tact and diplomacy in handling sensitive situations
  17. People skills; able to deal with difficult clients; able to mediate.
  18. Business sense; business acumen; entrepreneurial skills; money driven.

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