Welcome to the Paloma Valley High School Work Experience website. This site gives information on the following topics: course descriptions, job requirements, enrollment criteria, notice to employers, PVHS work permit information, general work permit information, internship & labor law brochures, class meeting schedules and employability skills information. If you need assistance please call the work experience office (951) 672-6030 Ext. 22202 or email resa.rosenstein@puhsd.org.


Work Experience is an elective class, which combines paid employment experience with classroom instruction, as well as internships and those students who don’t have a job, but are seeking employment. Students develop work habits, attitudes, self-confidence, job-related skills, and a personal portfolio, which can be used to locate, secure, and retain employment. Students must obtain, on their own, a job along with meeting the course requirements. The course curriculum teaches students how to get a job, keep a job, leave a job, economic, and career awareness. Students will develop a portfolio, which shows the abilities, knowledge, and skills achieved throughout the grading period.


  • One period (5 credits): Must be scheduled to work a minimum of 5 hours a week.
  • Two periods (10 credits): Must be scheduled to work a minimum of 10 hours a week.
  • Work Experience is a graded course counting towards H.S. graduation and college.
  • Enrollment is limited to a maximum of 10 credits a semester. The class can be repeated.
  • A maximum of 40 credits can be earned toward graduation. (11th & 12th grade elective).


  • Lunch: All students leaving school during lunch must have a lunch pass. See Admin for this.
  • Work Experience Class: Your Work Experience Class off-campus pass allows you to leave the school at the start of the period you are enrolled in.


Room D-101 - Dr. Rosenstein

(951) 672-6030 Ext. 22202

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, during 2nd lunch.

Also, sometimes after school or by appointment.

Turn in all required job forms, weekly time sheets, and other assignments here, as well as pick up all forms relating to work permits.


Paloma Valley Theater every WEDNESDAY at 6:30 a.m. to 7:25 a.m.

  • Class meets on Wednesday mornings unless notified otherwise.
  • No food or drink allowed.
  • Cell phones must be off. If seen or heard I confiscate.
  • Boys, pants pulled up with no boxers showing.
  • No radios or headphones.
  • Only our class work displayed during the class, no other.
  • Remove hats, hoods, and sunglasses when entering class.
  • Put makeup on at home.
  • Bring a pen (blue, black ink only) or a pencil and paper to take notes and tests, your binder, and of course, your Chrome Books.
  • Sleeping, putting your head down, doing other homework = will cause a loss of all daily participation points.
  • Be respectful and pay attention, or else you will be asked to leave the class.


You must find your own job and cannot be self-employed. Your job must be teacher approved and meet all requirements. It must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You are an employee, not self-employed or an independent contractor.
  2. You are paid and receive an official statement of tax deductions when paid. (Ck Stub)
  3. The business has Worker’s Compensation Insurance.
  4. You are normally scheduled to work a minimum of 5 or 10 hours a week.
  5. The business is open to the public and allows indiscriminate access to the visiting Work Experience Teacher during school hours (7:40- 2:45p.m. Mon. – Fri.)
  6. A supervisor is present at the business Mon. – Fri. before 3 p.m.
  7. The business is located within 20 miles of Paloma Valley High School.
  8. The business is not located on or within private residential property (home business).
  9. Working conditions are considered safe, moral and legal. You have constant supervision.
  10. Your paid position has the probability of lasting the entire semester.
  11. You do not work for a temporary employment agency.
  12. Your employer provides a learning situation, keeps records of your attendance, and agrees to all of the above conditions.
  13. If under age 18, you do not work more than 6 hours on any day, while School is in session and no more than 30 hours week, and only between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. unless after 10 permit filed.
  14. If under age 18, you have or will immediately obtain a Work Permit.
  15. If under age 18, you do not operate prohibited equipment.

Examples of unacceptable jobs:

  • Disneyland & Knotts Berry Farm (no access to supervisor & more than 20 miles from PVHS)
  • Baby sitting/child care, housekeeping (no paycheck stub & home based business)
  • Door-to-door sales, (unsafe, no supervision)

See partial list below of prohibited equipment:

  • Motor Vehicle Driving – May not drive a vehicle on public roads for an employer.
  • Power-Driven Woodworking Machines - May not operate or assist in cleaning or off bearing material.
  • Power-Driven Hoists – May not operate forklifts or hydraulic hoist such as auto type.
  • Power-Driven Metal Forming, Punching, Shearing Machines – May not operate.
  • Power-Driven Bakery Machines – May not operate dough mixer, bread/vegetable/meat slicer, or dough sheeter.
  • Power-Driven Paper-Products Machines – Box crushers, etc.
  • Power-Driven Circular Saws, Band Saws, Shears – May not operate.
  • Roofing Operations – Certain work is not allowed on or about roofs.
  • Pits – State law prohibits minors from working below ground in pits (auto work).


Must submit on time & completed correctly a Minimum of 12 weekly-signed time sheets from job. You must be employed and actually working at your job, a minimum of 12 weeks (66% of the semester) to be eligible for a passing grade. All job-related forms must be on file as well.



    • Shows employment information and states responsibilities of the student, parent, employer, and Work Experience teacher
    • Provides proof of employment
    • New agreement needed to be signed if the student changes jobs with a different employer

    • Must submit two written statements of tax deductions (paycheck stub) every other week and time sheet every week to prove employment at a legally paid job
    • Submit a paycheck stub for new jobs obtained during the semester

    • A new permit is required until age 18 for each job held, even if employed by parent
    • Use only permit applications signed by the Work Experience teacher
    • Employer and parent must sign the application request for a work permit
    • Return to Dr. Rosenstein
    • Instructions are attached to the application
  4. PERMISSION TO WORK AFTER 10 p.m. (optional form)

    • Required if under age 18 to work after 10 p.m. evenings before a school day
    • Parent, employer and Work Experience teacher must sign application
    • Return to Mr. Anderson with Work Permit Application


Complete a Job Change form available in the Work Experience Office to notify the teacher of a change or loss of job. New enrollment card and work permit forms are attached and must be returned to receive credit for a new job plus your first paycheck stub. Credit for weeks of employment (including weekly time sheets) begin when all forms (enrollment card, work permit) are submitted.


  1. WEEKLY TIME SHEET (Homework) (12 min. to pass the class) · Submit one time sheet each week showing hours worked previous week at job. · Submit all hours employed from Mon. – Sun. no matter how many. · To receive credit they must be complete, dated, signed, and not folded, crumbled or soiled. Only the approved form may be used. · Any adult at work can sign the time sheet to verify you worked. · Time sheets must be turned in by Friday at 2:40p.m. in the Work Experience Office.

  2. PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENTS (Homework) · Homework assignment (First six components due mid-November for the first semester. Second seven components due second semester.) Must be presentable as specified in the Guidelines. Please go the “Teacher” tab on this site and click on “Resa Rosenstein” for further information about the Portfolio and requirements for this class.

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