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Athletic Clearance Information:

In order to participate in any sport, a student-athlete must be athletically cleared.  In order to be cleared you must complete the following:

  1. (create an account and complete all steps online)
  2. Turn in the following to the athletics office: "Athletic Emergency/Medical Information & Participation" Form (musty be signed, dated and stamped by a doctor (not chiropractor)) and the "Consent to Participate" Form

*All forms must be complete and turned in to the Athletics Office at PVHS by June 16th at 3:00PM (We will return to the office July 17th)

CIF Dead Period:

The CIF Dead Period is scheduled for June 21, 2023 to July 4, 2023.  This means no practices, games, weightlifting, conditioning, etc. can take place during this time.  Teams can resume on July 5, 2023.

Fall Sports Winter Sports Spring Sports

Cross Country

Coach Joe Ellett

Coach Rebekkah Ouk


Coach Juan Merida

Girls Golf

Coach Chuck Kemp

Girls Tennis

Coach Jim Lutz

Girls Volleyball

Coach Stephen Kaas

Boys Water Polo

Coach Cameron Lindroth

Sideline Cheer

Coach Dena Nunnally

Boys Basketball

Coach Darius Randolph

Girls Basketball

Coach Gabe Flores

Boys Soccer


Girls Soccer

Coach Katelyn Fregosi

Boys Wrestling

Coach Luis Robles

Girls Wrestling

Coach Luis Robles

Girls Water Polo

Coach Joe Ellett

Comp. Cheer

Coach Dena Nunnally


Coach Jason Berni


Coach Will Nelson

Boys Track Field

Coach Juan Merida

Girls Track Field

Coach Rebekkah Ouk

Boys Lacrosse (LAX)

Coach Jeffrey Young

Girls Lacrosse (LAX)


Boys Golf

Coach Chuck Kemp

Boys Tennis

Coach Jim Lutz

Boys and Girls Swimming

Coach Joe Ellett

Coach Angela McNicholas

Boys Volleyball

Coach Stephen Kaas

Stunt Cheer

Coach Dena Nunnally

Athletic Director: Julie Blied: 

Athletic Secretary: Annette Blount: 

Athlete/Parent Information Night: Playing at the Next Level