Vision Statement

To develop well disciplined student athletes, who pursue excellence in both education and athletics.

Mission Statement

Create a program that generates pride and tradition from all areas in the community. Work together with athletic, site, and district administration to create a program that includes school wide goals. Emphasize the importance and development of fundamentals, technique, and discipline as the backbone of the program. Provide to the student athlete an inspirational and motivational environment where preparation, practice, and pride generate legitimate opportunities for success.

Core Values

Commitment- Team first! Every player must be willing to do all that is required for the success of the team. Integrity- Athletes must adhere to fair play, respect for the game, coaches, players, opponents, umpires, and facilities. Pride- Players must remember they are representing their school and community, and must adhere to the highest standard of conduct. Players must take pride in their performance, appearance, and facility.

Coaching Philosophy

  • Coaching baseball is not just preparation for the game, it is preparation for life.
  • Emphasis is placed on developing responsible young men as well as baseball players.
  • Coaches are honest with players and parents at all times.
  • There are no shortcuts; success comes with hard work, dedication, and pride.
  • Respect the history of the game, and play with integrity.
  • Wins and losses are important, but the team relationships will last well beyond the season.
  • Education is the reason we are here.

Player Expectations

  • Athletes are required to put scholastic work and baseball above all other social activities. Success in both of these areas requires a lot of time, hard work, and sacrifice.
  • Attendance is mandatory for all team meetings, practices, and functions.
  • Respect is a must for coaches, players, opponents, and officials.
  • Players are held to a high standard of behavior, both on and off the field. Discipline problems that occur on campus or in the community will be dealt with severely.

Parent Expectations

  • Support the program and coaches, and when issues arise, communicate with the Head Varsity Coach.
  • Treat officials, teams, and other spectators with respect at all times.
  • Support the booster club and get involved when able.
  • Understand that their athlete is part of the team and their commitment to that team must be taken seriously.

Expectations of Coaches

  • All coaches will conduct themselves to the highest standard of conduct.
  • Coaches will treat all athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect.
  • All lower level coaches are assistants to the Head Varsity Coach and will institute expectations and philosophies.
  • Be over-prepared for practice and games.
  • All coaches will ride with the team, both to and from each contest.
  • Coaches will be the first to the field and the last to leave.

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