Student Athletes

Paloma Valley Athletics is an educationally based athletic program that values the growth and development of our student athletes. We will assess our programs and their success based on the 7 Cs of Coaching Credibility, and our P.R.I.D.E. These are our core values. We expect athletes and parents to embrace and support these values. Doing so is to show Paloma PRIDE.


Academics – Studentswill set academic goals and arrive to every class each day on time and ready tolearn.

Basketball – Students will maintain &develop athletic ability through conditioning and training programs.

Character – Students will always be on timeand ready to actively participate in whatever manner he can.


Academics – Students will activelyparticipate in classes and take ownership of their learning.

Basketball – Students will be “worthy ofwinning” by honoring their teammates, coaches, and the game.

Character – Students will honor collectiveresponsibility and selfless service. Team first. We before I.


Academics – Students will not cheat,plagiarize, or cut corners in class. Full active participation is required.

Basketball – Students will support & fullyparticipate in all aspects of the program. Collective Responsibility.

Character – Students will take ownership oftheir actions, and honestly assess the results of those actions.


Academics – Studentswill attend required study halls and complete assignments without being told todo so.

Basketball – Students will learn and masterthe fundamental skills and concepts

Character – Students will maintain a standardthat is beyond reproach both personally and on social media.


Academics –Student will work to their best ability to reach the minimum goal of a 3.0 GPA.

Basketball – Students will strive to improvetheir game beyond the seasonal workouts, practices, and games.

Character – Students will grow & takeownership in something bigger than himself. Collective responsibility.

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