Student Athletes

Paloma Valley Athletics is an educationally based athletic program that values the growth and development of our student athletes. We will assess our programs and their success based on the 7 Cs of Coaching Credibility, and our P.R.I.D.E. These are our core values. We expect athletes and parents to embrace and support these values. Doing so is to show Paloma PRIDE.


Attend all events (meets,workouts, meetings, etc.) prepared to participate fully both mentally and physically.

Plan ahead to minimize, with the goal of eliminating, any outside conflicts with Cross Country activities. If unavoidable, communicate any conflicts as early as possible. (In advance is best.)

Be ready to begin workouts on time, so arriving 10-15 minutes early is expected.


Respect the program by not being a distraction to the team or any workouts. Have a great attitude about your work. You are choosing to be here so make the most of it.

Respect yourself by completing whatever task you are assigned to the best of your ability.

Respect your teammates by respecting their efforts, emotions, and property.


For your words to have meaning, they must be backed up by your actions. Lead by word AND example.

Contribute positively to activities every day with your words, actions, effort, and energy.

Take responsibility for your actions – both good and bad. Know the rules and expectations and follow them.


The right way is always right,whether someone is watching or not, so always do things the right way. Avoid exposing yourself or the team to potentially negative consequences.

Stick to the plan, trusting coaches and team to have your back.

Always have each other’s back.Keep disagreements within the program.


There is no substitute for hard work, so be prepared to do it every day. Improve on something every day, no matter how small it may seem.

Have a plan that is challenging but realistic with both short and long term goals. Then follow through on that plan.

Achieve excellence as both a person, student, and athlete by having P.R.I.D.E. as outlined above.

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