Student Athletes

Paloma Valley Athletics is an educationally based athletic program that values the growth and development of our student athletes. We will assess our programs and their success based on the 7 Cs of Coaching Credibility, and our P.R.I.D.E. Theseare our core values. We expect athletesand parents to embrace and support these values. Doing so is to show Paloma PRIDE.


  1. Participate in a full and intense manner in all tennis activities.

  2. Be ready to show up early and stay late at all tennis activities.


  1. Be considerate of teammates, coaches, opponents, and parents.

  2. Take care of yourself: eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.


  1. Be honest and fair in all your actions.

  2. Make good calls on balls, either out or in.


  1. Everyone should have the goal of self-improvement.

  2. Work hard on improving your shots and your tennis “game”.

  3. Control yourself and don’t let your emotions consume you.


  1. Become an expert on hitting your shots.

  2. Move your feet.

  3. Follow your wide serve all the way to the net.

  4. Do more than what is expected of you in the classroom.

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