7Cs of Coaching Credibility

  • These 7 Characteristics are what all of our coaches should strive to attain. We do not believe that our coaches are perfect, and we will use parent and athlete feed back to help guide our coaches to continually improve

1. Character - These Coaches:

  • Do what they say they are going to do. They do not tell athletes one thing, and do another

  • Arehonest with athletes regarding their role on the team. They do not promise what they cannot deliver

  • Follow the rules as they are written and don’t look for ways around those rules to have a better chance to win

2. Consistent - These Coaches:

  • Are consistent with program standards. Thereis no favoritism toward better athletes

  • Do not have a “doghouse.” Disagreements are dealt with and everyone moves on in a productive manner. Grudges are not held

  • Are consistent in their mood and the way they approach their athletes on a daily basis. They do not take things out on their athletes

  • Create an environment where their athletes know what to expect from them. There are no mind games

3. Communicator - These Coaches:

  • Make sure their positive / instructive comments outweigh the negative comments

  • Are proactive. They seek out athletes and check in with them instead of waiting for problems to arise

  • Truly have an active, open door

  • Clearly communicate with athletes and staff about roles, expectations, and standards. They make no assumptions

  • Focus on really listening to players

  • Seek input from team leaders on key decisions. Athletes feel like they can come and talk to them

    4. Caring - These Coaches:

  • Act as servants. Athletes feel like the coach would do anything for them regardless of their talent

  • Take a genuine interest in athlete’s lives away from the sport

  • Treat athletes as more than just a group of individuals who can help the coach move up the career ladder

  • Forge long-term relationships with their athletes. There is a sense of loyalty for life

5. Competent - These Coaches:

  • Know their sport inside and out, but are also human enough to admit when they are wrong

  • Keep up to date with the latest advances

  • Are always learning and willing to look for new ideas

  • Have athletes that improve from the time they entered their program to when they finished, no matter how good they were when they started

6. Committed - These Coaches:

  • Have a clear vision for the program and are able to communicate that vision to athletes

  • Are passionate / invested. They are committed to putting in the time to be good. They come early and stay late

  • Are not afraid to list their secrets of success because they know that no one will outwork them

  • Have a competitive fire. They are highly competitive individuals

7. Confidence Builder - These Coaches:

  • Are inspiring. They sell athletes on themselves. They create and maintain hope and optimism. They also plant seeds of greatness

  • Know that athletes want to feel appreciated, valued, competent, and important. Great coaches make athletes feel good about themself

  • Realize that confidence is fragile and they are willing to praise athletes in public and criticize in private (never publicly embarrassing them.) They catch people doing things right

  • Are appreciative. They share credit with staff, and especially acknowledging the “little” people

  • Have the mindset that the athletes are the ones who really win games, not the coach

Updated on by Ken Womack