Paloma Valley Athletics is an educationally based athletic program that values the growth and development of our student athletes. We will assess our programs and their success based on the 7 Cs of Coaching Credibility, and our P.R.I.D.E. These are our core values. We expect athletes and parents to embrace and support these values. Doing so is to show Paloma PRIDE.


Academics – Students will set academic goals and arrive to every class each day on time and ready to learn.

Soccer – Students will prepare for, maintain & develop athletic ability through conditioning and training programs.

Character – Students will always be on time and ready to actively participate in whatever manner she can.


Academics – Students will respect the learning environment and be courteous to all teachers, staff, and administration at all times.

Soccer – Students will respect all opponents, coaches, and officials as they are liaisons and representatives of the Paloma Valley Athletics Program.

Character – Students will honor themselves and the collective responsibility and selfless service. The team’s needs will come first.


Academics – Students will not cheat, plagiarize, or cut corners in class. Full active participation is required. Students will remain positive role models in and out of the classroom.

Soccer – Students will support & fully participate in all aspects of the program. Students will do what is morally and ethically right.

Character – Students will take ownership of their actions, and honestly assess the results of those actions.


Academics – Students will attend required study halls and complete assignments without being told to do so. Students must stay dedicated to academics as they are students first, athletes second.

Soccer – Students will learn and master the fundamental skills and concepts and work to improve their practice. Students will remain dedicated to the team and this program.

Character – Students will maintain a standard that is beyond reproach both personally and on social media.


Academics – Student athletes will work to their best ability to reach the Program goal of a 3.0 GPA.

Soccer – Students will strive to improve their game beyond the seasonal workouts, practices, and games.

Character – Students will not grow complacent & will strive to take ownership in something bigger than herself.

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