Athletic Code:

The CIF Blue Book Rules and Regulations, as well as this district’s Athletic Code will govern athletic participation. Athletes will be directly responsible to the head coach of that sport and their assistants. It is assumed that the athlete’s participation in a sport is a privilege, and because of this, he or she wishes to do whatever is necessary to make the team successful. Parents and athletes will follow team rules set forth by the coach and the Athletic Code. Parents and students agree that they will read and abide by the guidelines presented in the “Communications Guidelines” brochure included in the athletic packet. The following are general responsibilites of the athlete:

Scholastic Eligibility and Grades:

The student athlete must meet the Perris Union High School Board Policy and the CIF-SS academic standards. PUHSD requires that a student be enrolled in and passing at least 4 CORE CLASSES IF TAKEN CONCURRENTLY DURING THE SAME SEMESTER. If enrolled in P.E. twice in one semester, only one counts towards the 20 credits, not including Pass/Fail classes.

Example #1: A senior that is enrolled in four classes, one of them being T.A. would be enrolled in only 3 “CORE” classes and thus be declared ineligible.

Example #2: A student is enrolled in four “CORE” classes and earns the required 2.0 GPA but fails one class. The student will have only passed 3 CORE classes and thus be declared ineligible.

Lastly, students must be working towards minimum graduation requirements to be eligible. Eligibility is based upon the student’s last grading period. If a student does not meet these requirements, they become immediately ineligible and cannot participate in any games. They can regain their athletic eligibility at the end of the next grading period upon successful completion of the requirements mentioned above. A period of eligibility will be equal to a period of ineligibility. Athletes become eligible and ineligible on the Monday after the grades are reported approximately every six-week period. Ineligible athletes may (at the coaches direction) practice with a team, but may not dress for a game, participate in any contest, or travel with a team when doing so would excuse them from class participation.

Conduct and Behavior:

As athletes in high school, you are representing yourself, parents, school, and community and are expected to conduct yourself properly at all times. Because of this, misconduct by an athlete will not be condoned. The Athletic Code is in effect from the first CIF sanctioned practice (August) through the last contest of the year. Athletes are responsible for compliance whether they play during one or all seasons of sport, fall, winter, and/or spring.

Game Behavior:

If an athlete is ejected from the game, the coach will discipline them according to school, CIF, and team regulations. A written report will commence following the game with the school’s administration, CIF mandates that the athlete not be allowed to play or be present at the next scheduled contest. School administration reserves the right to discipline the athlete further.


Anyone associated with high school sports will use language that is socially acceptable. Profanity or vulgar talk will not be tolerated at anytime on or off the playing field.


The athlete is to show respect for all coaches, teachers, officials, spectators, school facilites and equipment.


It is generally accepted that good training includes adequate rest, diet, health habits, and self-discipline.

Alcohol & Drugs:

Alcohol and/or drug abuse will be dealt with by the school site administration and may include termination from athletic participation.

Tobacco (including “chew”):

Athletes who choose to use tobacco and “chew” will be dealt with by the school site administration and may include termination from athletic participation.

Criminal Acts:

Athletes who conspire to become involved in acts defined as criminal by stature are subject to discipline under this code.

Violations of school policy:

Athletes are expected to display behavior in the classroom and on campus that is exemplary for all students to follow. Therefore serious violations of school discipline that could include immediate termination of athletic participation.


All athletes are expected to follow school and transportation rules set forth by the district and the transportation company that is utilized. Perris Union High School District supplies the transportation to and from all athletic contests for all teams. If a student athlete wishes to make special arrangements on an occasional basis to receive a ridee from a parent, guardian, arrangements must be made prior to the event and must include proper documentation.


Athletes are financially responsible for any school owned equipment that is utilized or rented out to the athlete. Athletes are expected to demonstrate reasonable care of such equipment, and any misuse or abuse of such, will be the financial responsibility of the athlete.


As a member of our team, we want to be proud of your appearance. Athletes are expected to dress neatly and keep well groomed. The coach may determine dress on the day of a contest.


An athlete must be willing to dedicate himself/herself to the sport of choice. The athlete should be aware that nothing worthwhile is accomplished without hard work and a sincere desire to succeed. The athlete must also realize that he or she must work out of season as well as in season. He or she must also be willing to sacrifice his or her own personal desires for the good of the team.

Quitting a sport:

There is a distinct difference between “quitting” and being “dropped” and being “cut” from a sport. If you as an athlete quit a sport, the right to return to that sport later may be restricted by the athletic department. You will not be allowed to compete in any other sport in the same season. Dropping a sport is withdrawing from that sport voluntarily. Proper communication and returning of equipment to the coach is required. The coach’s approval is required to remain eligible for the remainder of the season.

Letters and Awards:

Letters and awards are given according to team criteria. All coaches reserve the right to award letters. However, all athletes must end the season in good standing, both academically and behaviorally , to earn a varsity letter. CIF playoff and special award patches will be earned according to guidelines that can be obtained in the Athletic Department.

Residence Eligibility:

Any student who is planning to move, has recently moved or whose parents or guardians have moved, should notify the Athletic Director’s office for CIF information on his/her status of eligibility.

Seasonal Participation:

An athlete may only participate in one sport per season unless otherwise granted permission by the Athletic Director. Athletes cannot change from one sport to another during the season unless they have approval from both coaches and the Athletic Director. When an athlete quits or is dropped for disciplinary reasons, he/she may not go out for another sport until the end of that season (excluding playoffs). (This includes athletic PE).

PUHSD ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS In order to emphasize academic achievement, the following constitute minimum requirements for student participation in athletics and/or student activities:

A grade point average of “C” in all classes.

Athletes must attend a minimum of 4 class periods of school on the day of a contest in order to participate. CORE CLASSES EXCLUDE T.A. AND A SECOND P.E. CLASS TAKEN CONCURRENTLY DURING THE SAME SEMESTER.

Truancies from school for any portion of a school day is not acceptable and will result in further discipline (i.e. game(s) suspension).

He/she may not receive more than one “U” in citizenship in a grading period and must pass 4 classes where only one can be PE. Note that PE and T.A. in PE can only be considered as one class for eligibility purposes. YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN AND PASS AT LEAST 4 CORE CLASSES THAT YOU RECEIVE A “LETTER” GRADE.

Eligibility will be checked approximately every 6 weeks. Should an individual fall below the above requirements the student will not be eligible for participation in athletics during the next 6 weeks until the next grade check period.

All transfer students outside the district must also meet eligibility requirements as well as CIF requirements in order to participate.

Any student expelled will be ineligible for one semester upon return to the regular high school program.

This code takes effect in August and terminates with the last athletic activity in June. This code is in effect 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and including vacation days during the academic school year. It is also in effect during the summer period as long as the event is affiliated with the school. Ineligibility created by suspension from athletics/activities and not completed by the end of the spring semester will carryover for completion in the fall semester.

CIF Eligibility

A student athlete:

Must be less than 19 years of age as of September 1 of the new academic year.

Must have reached the ninth grade.

Must participate in no more than four seasons in the same sport after enrolling into the ninth grade.

Must be scholastically eligible.

Must file an Application for Residential Eligibility if you transferred from another school without a bona fide change of residence by your parents/guardians.

Since entering the ninth grade, must not be your ninth semester of attendance.

Must meet citizenship requirements.

Must maintain amateur standing.

Must not have participated in any tryout for a professional team.

Must maintain in your school files an annual physical examination card certifying that you are physically fit to tryout and/or participate in athletics. Physical must be on approved form by the PUHSD Board of Education.

May not participate on the Varsity Football team until you have reached your 15th birthday unless certified by a doctor and granted written approval by a Commissioner of C.I.F.

May participate in all-star competition, with the exception of football, between conditions of the Southern Section season of sport and September 1.

Questions should be directed to your school coach and/or Athletic Director.

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