Student Athletes

Paloma Valley Athletics is an educationally based athletic program that values the growth and development of our student athletes. We will assess our programs and their success based on the 7 Cs of Coaching Credibility, and our P.R.I.D.E. Theseare our core values. We expect athletesand parents to embrace and support these values. Doing so is to show Paloma PRIDE.


Show up to all games, practices, and team meetings prepared mentally and physically to participate.

Being on time really means being 5-10 minutes early. It’s better to be early.

The best way to be prepared is to plan ahead. Know where you should be and make a plan to be there with the equipment needed.


Think of others first. Avoid being the exception to the rule.

Officials, coaches, school administrators, and parents are in place to help, respect their authority.

Look for ways to be a good teammate. Be positive and encouraging. Hazing will not be tolerated.


Our character is shown through our actions. Do what you say you will do. Lead by Example.

Be honest with yourself and others. Avoid gossip.

Follow all team and school rules.


If it is the easy way, it’s the wrong way. The best things in life cost the most time and effort.

Set goals and work to achieve them. Goals should be realistic and challenging.

Work to maintain discipline not just on the court, but at home and school.


Learning volleyball takes time and thousands of repetitions. Find ways to get as many reps as possible.

Hustling during drills, staying after practice, and practicing during your free time is a necessity.

You have many roles in your life. You are a student, daughter, teammate, etc. Show your excellence in all that you do.

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