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Media Center Guidelines

Capped Drinks Only

Keep cap on when not in use; good rule of thumb is: if your drink accidentally gets knocked over, will it cause a mess? If the answer is yes, then it is not allowed in the media center

Candy, Gum, Chips, Slushies & Food Belong Outside

In order to keep our media center clean and free of pests and insects, we need your help and that means eating is not allowed. If the weather is bad, check to see if the gym is open

One Person Per Seat

No sharing chairs or lap sitting

Chairs Stay In Place

We offer a few tables that can accommodate student groups of five or six. If a large group comes in and those tables are already taken you are not allowed to move chairs from another table. Your options would be to find tables close to each other or go back outside

Max of 4 People Per Cafe Table

Cafe tables are just like all the other tables, but since they don’t have separate chairs, you can only have a max of two people per bench for a max of four people per table. Loitering by other students is not allowed

Saving Seats Not Allowed

If you leave, take all your belongings with you. At busy times, when finding a seat is premium, we cannot allow students to save seats

Keep Noise Levels Down

Go outside if you feel the need to get loud; remember, you are indoors, in a library

Hanging Out Belongs Outside

Always keep in mind that you are indoors and in a space that is shared by others who are here seeking a quieter area. Groups who come in just to hang out usually get loud and tend to forget where they are. Please be mindful of others while in the media center

Valid Pass Required During Class Time

A valid pass must include: student name, date, time/period, teacher signature; if you do not have a pass you will be asked to go back to class for one. Remember: passes are required to be in the media center during class time.

Cafe Tables require a table pass

We have four cafe tables and offer a max of 4 passes per table. Students who wish to sit at a cafe table need to check out a pass and to do that, they must have their student ID card - no exceptions